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For The Night

Padded steps can be heard coming from the dining hall toward the huge stair at the middle of the mansion. Once arrived at the first floor, the steps continued, targeting the nearest door on the left. Upon nearing the doorway to the reading room, a loud crash echoed from inside, forcing the small feet to halt. An angered restraint voice can be heard from inside.

"I will choose my own bride, it is not yours to decide; and I will be the one to decide when I would be married. Is that clear?" An agitated young man clarified, standing up in front of the big table at the center of the room; the toppled over chair behind him suggested where the loud sound from before came.

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Creating Oceans Like a BOSS:
2009 The Secret Code (Red)
2009 The Secret Code - Stand By U (Blue)
2010 JYJ - Fallen Leaves (Yellow)
2012 TONE (Red)
2012 TONE - STILL (White)
2013 JYJ (Red)
2013 JYJ - Sakura (Purple)

I am a Proud CASSIOPEIA!!!!!!

Can't wait for the Ocean in TIME.


Just a Little Bit More...

Name: Kim Moonchild (not my real name but just know me by this name)
D.O.B: 14th February Valentine Day - Aquarius

I am a fan of DBSK since Feb 2010. Its kinda late I know, but better late than never. I become a YunJae fan after I read the letter JJ wrote for other members during Mirotic days, and his words towards YH captured my heart; "There would be no me if not for you. My other half, Yunho, I Love You.

As for DBSK, even after I know about the dispute between JYJ and SM Ent., I had always support all the 5 members none the less. And I will always support and give them the love they deserve no matter what happen; be it they comeback together as 5 again or to continue as of now or even if they all gone towards solo activities. Because in the end, what matters is their feelings and happiness.




hai and hello everyone...

i know its totally late for my intro but yeah,afterall i still need to introduce myself here :D

so first of all...as in my ID,just call me MOONCHILD (though not real name,,sorry~)
i'd love to use the name KIM as my first name (as in Korean though i'm not korean) so it would be as...

i've reach 20 by this year(2011)
i born on valentine day which is 14 REBRUARY and i trully love RED and ROSES..heehee

i am a fan of a boyband, the LEGEND of Korea...i would love to call myself a CASSIOPEIA..inter of course..

Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK), Tong Vfang Xien Qi (TVXQ), ToHoShinKi (THSK) ===>
===>The Rising Gods of The East
consist of 5 boys and now all five of them had turn into very amazing men...
1> Kim JAEJOONG = Hero
2> Jung YUNHO = U-Know
3> Park YOOCHUN = Micky
4> Kim JUNSU = Xiah
5> Shim CHANGMIN = Max



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